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This week in newsJack Gravely

Jack speaks with Attorney Ben Crump about the shooting of 17-year-old T. Martin by a neighborhood watch member in Sandford, FL.

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Dr. Robert "Dr. Bob" Holsworth Dave Brat

Dr. Robert "Dr. Bob" Holsworth
Political Analyst/Consultant
June 11th @ 11AM

Dr. Bob will discuss the Dave Brat upset of Cong. Cantor in the 7th Cong. District and other political races across Virginia.

Dave Brat
Candidate for Congress
7th Cong. District, Virginia
June 10th @ 10:40AM

Mr. Brat will discuss issues and policies related to his run for congress.

Veteran Talk Show Host and Analyst
Jack W. Gravely is a veteran broadcaster with over 15 years of experience. From May 1983 to June 1987 Jack produced and aired a 90 second commentary on WRVA-AM radio twice weekly. In November 1989, CNN and Richmond’s NBC-TV affiliate retained Jack as an election night commentator and political analyst along with Dr. Larry Sabato from the University of Virginia to cover the historic election of L. Douglas Wilder as Governor of Virginia.
For five years, 1996-2002, Jack hosted an award winning 3-hour talk show in Richmond, Virginia on WRVA-AM. In April 1997, the Virginia Association of Broadcasters awarded the Metro Radio News Promotion Award to “The Jack Gravely Show”. One caller stated, “Jack’s show simply sizzled every Saturday night.” His guest, topics and interviews attracted calls and comments from St. Louis to Canada to Louisville.
Mr. Gravely has been a guest on the Today Show, Nightline, Crossfire, Good Morning America, The Bill Moyer’s Journal, The Tony Brown Show, C-Span, CBS Morning News, and the Bev Smith Show. He was a frequent quest panelist on local public affairs shows across the Commonwealth of Virginia.


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Louise Lucas Ed Jewett

Louise Lucas
State Senator (D)
Portsmouth, Virginia
June 10th @ 9:30AM

Sen. Lucas will discuss the state budget and expanding the Afforable Care Act across the State.

Ed Jewett
Clerk of the Circuit Court
Richmond, Virginia
June 9th @ 11:35AM

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